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The Hotspot feature can be used on any image. Whether that’s a map of the UK to highlight your office locations, or an image of a mobile app to highlight any standout features.

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Social Media
Marketing Consultation

Progress Bars

Show off your skills and let your website visitors see what you specialise in.

Image Accordion

Flick through your recent projects in style

Male office worker using laptop and discussing project
Project #1
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Working on new projects and ideas
Project #2
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Engineer meeting for architectural project working with partner
Project #3
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Advanced Carousel

Show off your skills and let your website visitors see what you specialise in.

"Reliable service and very approachable - thank you for upgrading my social media!"

Testimonial #1

"Will definitely coming back, Sentiment were helpful & knowledgeable!"

Testimonial #2

"My new website is such an upgrade, thank you for the hard work and amazing end product! "

Testimonial #3

    Scrolling Testimonial

    If you don’t want to take up a large amount of space, a scrolling testimonial is an effective way to save room and show off your best reviews.

    Horizontal Timeline

    Scroll right to see how far the business has come

    Business Founded
    In September 2020 I took the jump and founded Sentiment Marketing in my house during the COVID lockdown.
    First Major Client Win
    A few weeks after opening, I won my first major client, a large business in the air freight forwarding industry.
    First Employee Hired
    It wasn't long before my work really took off and I needed to hire my first ever employee, a Social Media Assistant.
    First Award
    I was so happy to receive the accolade of "Best Local Agency" having completed multiple projects for small businesses in the area.
    September 2020
    October 2020
    December 2020
    July 2021

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