Universal Student Living Social Media

Project Outline

Universal Student Living is one of the UK's top Student Accommodation providers, with over 16 sites nationwide at the time of writing this.

Their old content was generic, uninspiring, and wasn't properly tailored for their target market.

I used content that I knew would be shared from person to person. Memes worked very well as relatable humour is something that many students can appreciate! Students would share my university-related memes with each other and in turn, were helping to promote the brand.

90% of the time I wasn't actually talking about the university accommodation, as that would get really boring after a week. Using inspiring, funny, and educational content that indirectly related to the target market was key in building a loyal following.

Running Instagram and Facebook ads was also a key part of generating incoming leads. I would often create multiple ads on both platforms and run them against each other to find which variation worked best. I was able to see what time of the day ads performed well, which city/country was most engaged with the ads, and many other important metrics. Every piece of this information helped Universal Student Living 'hone in' on the demographic that was most likely to convert into a customer, cool eh?

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