Naughty Water Seltzer Website

Project Outline

The Requirement

Naughty Water needed a new, simplistic website that was so naughty, that even the most well-behaved of us all couldn't help but stop and stare.



The website needed to attract both B2B and B2C customers, and be 100% mobile responsive.

From scrolling animations to embedded videos, they now have a website that properly portrays the fun, outgoing nature of the company and the joint owners, Charlie and Simon.

Not only that, Naughty Water now has direct links from their website to all their wholesalers, improving the buying process and increasing sales via multiple channels. Press releases are incredibly important for the business' awareness, so I made them a dedicated 'Press' page that links to every single media release they are mentioned in.


SEO Work

After the site was completed, I needed to index every page into the Google Search Console, and point all of Naughty Waters' existing Google search results towards the new pages of their new website. if I didn't do this, no one would be able to find them via the Google search engine. Very naughty indeed.

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