Beauty By Mia Website

Project Outline

The Requirement

Beauty By Mia is a beauty salon based in Camberley, founded by go-getting entrepreneur Mia Landy. Mia instantly recognised that having a mobile-responsive website with an intuitive booking system would help her leapfrog any competitor stuck in the 90's who failed to adopt the same digitally-driven approach.



Mia asked for an engaging yet simplistic look and feel to her new site. While I know absolutely nothing about nails and lashes, when it comes to engaging websites that convert, I'm all over it.

I created Mia a backend booking engine that stores all her bookings in one place and allows her to keep tabs on all her appointments. Her customers also receive a confirmation email every time they book with her. Pretty cool, right?


SEO Work

This was a brand new website, which meant it needed to be 'indexed' by Google. The 'Google index' lists all of the web pages that Google knows about. When Google visits a website like Beauty By Mia, it detects new and updated pages and updates the 'Google index'.

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